About WellStark

Wellstark Energy Pvt Ltd is an independent energy services and energy consulting company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. We provide energy services to public sector clients in India and Overseas. We are pleased to present this Proposal for energy along with certain defined objectives. Our proposal is broken out to offer the option of having a complete energy efficiency achieved through the solar energy and exploring the opportunities for renewable resource usage for a better environment.

Wellstark aims to become one of the leading sustainable energy solutions providers in the country. And we provide energy solutions which are feasible both in the near term and over the longer term providing maximum energy as well as financial incentives for our customers.

What We Do
Intuitive Ideas. Innovative Methodologies. Increased Performance
Wellstark provides full-fledged customized solutions for the successful installation and performance of solar PV projects. Our in-house design and production teams bring creativity and innovation across all the stages of the project. This comprises of site and technology evaluation, management using the already available energy infrastructure, material procurement and logistics, and project design.
Customized Strategies. Customer Satisfaction
Wellstark has years of experience in customer requirement analysis and this is why we are able to deliver the right solar energy solutions based on the individual needs of our clients. Our focus is to deliver high quality and high performance centric designs and systems that are durable and at the same time cost-effective for our clients..
Solar energy systems need a separate cost evaluation depending on the exact requirement in our client's PV Solar plants. Finance may again be a concern for small and medium sized businesses. We at Wellstark help by giving guidance or references with respect to financial choices for our clients to help them in the best way to improve their business performance.
Extended Performance Guarantee
The average life span of Solar PV plants is about 25 years. Towards the end the wear and tear reflects in the diminishing performance levels of most of the plants that are low on periodic maintenance. We at Wellstark analyze the requirements of every client keeping in mind the maintenance aspect for Solar PV plant. We provide this service with perfection and dedication.