Why WellStark ?

We cannot imagine even a single day without the electricity. Our Air conditioning system, laptop, mobiles, refrigerator, heaters, etc. stops working. But these days, it is a very usual thing that there will be frequent power cuts. Be it because of lack of electricity supply or it might be because of wiring issues or voltage fluctuations, which results in a bad state of our work in Office, kitchen, home, etc. as we are using 80% of the appliances which utilizes electricity.

Continuous power failures as well as increasing prices of electricity, etc. are a major concern for Industries or commercial purposes. Not just power issue, but lot of conventional energy sources are limited in availability. Hence, the search has begun for finding the next alternative and the best solution. And the solution which can help all of us from these issues is shifting to solar energy. We are having abundant solar energy available which can be used in multiple ways for a number of applications.

There comes Wellstark into picture. It recognizes the importance of having a sustainable energy source that is economically feasible to help meet our energy needs. We have entered this competitive market to accelerate the utilization of solar energy by targeting the cost reductions and supporting increased solar deployment and also to create the awareness of the importance of utilizing the solar products.

Wellstark has come up with many products which will help to have a safe and better environment. It offers efficient solar solutions which are easy to install, operate and offer cost effective access to solar energy.

Our services include EPC, consulting, operations and maintenance.

We strive for something better every single day.

Our Motto

Our proposal is broken out to offer the option of having a complete energy efficiency achieved through the solar energy and exploring the opportunities for renewable resource usage for a better environment.